Positively Impacting the Lives of Boston's Youth

The Boston Bar’s Summer Jobs Program, one of many public service initiatives funded by the Boston Bar Foundation, has been providing unique educational & career development opportunities for Boston public high school students every summer since 1993.

Each year, the Summer Jobs Program provides Boston area youth with a chance to gain important workplace skills, be exposed to role models & mentors in the legal field, and explore a career within the legal profession. By combining substantive, paid summer internships with weekly enrichment seminars, the Summer Jobs Program makes a real and lasting impact in the lives of young people.

The Summer Jobs Program is supported annually by the Casino Night fundraising event, hosted by the Boston Bar. Proceeds from the event fund most of the paid positions at legal nonprofits, with government agencies, and in the courts.

2016 BBF Students

“This will …[teach] me valuable lessons on how to carry myself and how to interact in a professional setting. I look forward to showing my little brother a great example of what he also can do in the future. “

Jose Marques 
Job Placement: Office of the Corporation Counsel of the City of Boston


“Working for the BBA Summer Jobs Program would be a great opportunity for me to increase my passion for being a voice for my community and improve on the skills I already have”

Katherine Urbaez
Job Placement: Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

“I am very excited to be a part of this program since the BBA is the hub of the legal profession in Boston and does great things for my local community.”

 Yingyu Guan
Job Placement:
U.S Bankruptcy Court

“I am very interested in public interest. I want to be the voice for those who can’t be heard. Your program can introduce me to this field of law.”


Amirca Nunez
Job Placement
: MA Executive Office of Health & Human Services


"I grew up in an unsafe environment in which I was constantly exposed to violence, especially shootings. I didn’t feel safe walking to and from school. I want to pursue a career in law in order to help protect people and allow them to feel safe in their community.”

Ardo Ali 
Job Placement:
 Office of the Corporation Counsel of the City of Boston

"My goal is to increase my understanding of the legal field and gain exposure to legal professionals. If I become a lawyer I hope to use my legal career to pursue justice for underprivileged people"

Jasmine Parker
Job Placement: Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

“One reason I want to be involved in this program is because it will be amazing to actually work in a real office with real people that do this for a living, and knowing that you are assisting them in some way means so much because this is truly a beautiful profession." 

Luis Pena
Job Placement: Massachusetts Department of Public Health


“I live in an inner city neighborhood in Mattapan and I rarely get opportunities to experience being in an office setting. I would like to take full advantage of this opportunity because it captures my interest in law and would allow me the opportunity for personal development.”

Tequan Mason
Job Placement: Boston Bar Association

 "When I came to the United States, I realized that there is a better legal system than what I knew and saw in Haiti. I decided that I want to learn how this system works to be able to help the unjust and corrupt legal system in Haiti.”

Ashley Philippe
Job Placement:

“The whole reason I want to go into something [related] to law is  my drive to better the community…This is [an] opportunity for me to learn how one can give back to their community.”

Jake Moy 

Job Placement: Federal Court