Society of Fellows Program

Membership in the Society of Fellows shows an exemplary commitment to fulfilling the legal needs of the Greater Boston community. Each Society of Fellows contribution we receive helps build the permanent endowment in turn freeing up other sources of BBF funding, which allows the BBF to continue to  be a first responder when addressing the Greater Boston community’s evolving needs.

There are different levels for Fellows appropriate for all professional levels, including a Junior Fellow level for lawyers less than 10 years in practice. Each Fellow level provides opportunities for networking, social events, public service and more. View the list of all 2013-2014 Fellows or learn more about upcoming Society of Fellows events.

If you are considering making a pledge, we invite you to join at one of the following giving levels:
  • Executive Fellow: $50,000
  • Senior Fellow: $25,000
  • Fellow: $10,000
  • Supporting Fellow: $5,000
  • Junior Fellow: $1,000 (open exclusively to lawyers who have been in practice 10 years or less)
    Visit the Junior Fellows web page to learn more about membership and what the Fellows Program offers young lawyers.

Contributions are payable over a maximum of 10 years, with an anticipated annual payment of at least 10% of the pledge. Junior Fellow contributions are payable over four years, or $250 a year. Since the inception of the Program, Fellows contributions to the Society of Fellows Program have raised the endowment to approximately $3.4 million.Your donation will support our long-term goal of $5 million for the endowment, which when reached will provide significant support for BBF administrative and operations costs.

When a pledge has been fully paid, it can be applied towards membership at a higher giving level. Members who have paid $10,000 of their contribution become Life Fellows of the BBF. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

If you have any questions about the Boston Bar Foundation or the Society of Fellows, please contact Megan Leppert at or 617-778-1924.

  • Executive Fellows [$50,000]

  • Senior Fellows [$25,000]

  • Fellows [$10,000]

  • Supporting Fellows [$5,000]

  • Junior Fellows [$1,000]

(*Denotes Life Fellow fulfillment of $10,000)
(**Denotes fulfillment of additional pledge over $10,000)

(+Denotes Fulfilment of Supporting or Junior Fellow Pledge)